Skiing is a brand new feature in SSX On Tour. It's essentially the same as snowboarding with a few key differences. Primarily is the ability to get turned around the wrong direction, requiring you to "pivot" in order to turn around. While skiing is touted by Electronic Arts as a feature built for speed, there appears to be no noticeable difference in racing times between using a snowboard and using skis. Additionally, characters using skis are not able to perform tricks as quickly or efficiently as snowboarding characters.

Since skis slow down significantly in reverse and have a penalty in trick ability, that makes skis more of a liability than a boon for the game. If you should decide to use tricks however, here are the changed trick controls for the brand new feature.

Action Playstation 2 Command
Turn left/right Right or Left - Left Analog Stick or D-Pad
Build Speed Hold Up - Left Analog Stick or D-Pad
Slow Down Hold Down - Left Analog Stick or D-Pad
Prewind Spins/Flips Press and hold D-Pad direction while holding X button
Use Boost Square Button
Pivot Right Analog Stick Up - (Pivot switches your stance from forward/backward when on skis and counts as a trick (worth 40 points.)
Tail Press Right Analog Stick Down
Handplant Press and immediately let go for a handspring, press and hold for a handstand. Push D-Button in any direction to lean.
Punch Opponent Any Shoulder Button (L1, L2, R1, R2)
Block a Punch L1+R1