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PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 3:31 pm  Post subject: What do this site, or franchise mean to you?  
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To me this is a cool place to wind down where I can rest easily can talk about anything without facing any backlash. The few safe places on the Internet.

And although I may not be such an old-timer like many users here and can talk about in length about what this site and franchise means to me.

I have to say it; it really does mean something special to me, wowing a young me, wishing to hit the skies (and I promise you, I will snowboard someday and will totally upload it here without any guilt or shame as a form of respect to how much a video game had motivated me), jumping around the room doing twists and turns trying to mimic the cool moves. The avatars of the characters, their relationships and personalities where I developed a massive crush on Elise (SSX On Tour version) and tried to be as cool as Mac or Sid (same, SSX On Tour version). It's just too much for me to take in while I talk about it here as the more I do the more emotional I'm getting and wishing to be inside the video game just like Ready Player One (I have purchased the book and will read it soon, and then watch the movie). And then, by some strange stroke of luck I found this website (read: trying to find cheats for SSX).

As for the site, I use some visualization techniques where I pretend to be a snowboarder coming and chilling in some ski bar/lounge that is exclusive to SSX players only. A bouncer comes and I show him my unique, customised membership card (silver and teal in the form of snowflakes) and he smiles and leaves. A bar is nearby where gondee who is not only the bartender, but the owner as well, and says "what will it be, the usual?" to which I smirk giving him the answer which was a Mocha with cookies. And take my place on a comfortable bean bag.

Eventually more people (read:users) come in and we all start greeting each other and immediately going on about our adventures, the slopes we conquered, the tricks we performed while taking places on sofas or even chairs but huddled closely with one another and it almost looked as if the snow outside was falling itself just to join our conversation. All while gondee is smiling at us from the distance proud of what he and his other mates accomplished.

Eventually it starts getting dark, and although we would all love to just live here forever, we all have our duties and responsibilities to soon attend to, whether it be job, family, or even friends. But one thing was for certain, we would not stop coming back here anytime soon.

I hope it doesn't sound dramatic, or cheesy, that's what I think of when it comes to the website.

Thanks for reading, I would like to hear your replies.

P.S. gondee, please don't take any offence to this, you know I love you dude xD

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 5:19 pm  Post subject: Re: What do this site, or franchise mean to you?  
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Hi perpetualdusk, I agree Merq is a great place and Im glad I found it all those years ago. I like the way you imagine it looking (drinks all round please Gondee :) ) and I hope others see it for the friendly and welcoming place it always has been :thumbsup

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