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PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2018 4:14 pm  Post subject: anyone went back and play SSX3/Tricky and not like it?  
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Since SSX3 became backwards compatible on XBone I decided to download SSX3 to see if I could have some fun with it since tricky was one of my favs back in the day. I also played SSX3 back when and liked it but never had as much fun as tricky.

I also decided to buy tricky off eBay to see how it aged alongside 3

Man...these games have not aged well AT ALL in my opinion.

Let me start off by addressing SSX3... this games overall customization/character selection is terrible (being that its a snowboarding game you need good swag). All the accessories/clothing you unlock leaves a lot to be desired. For example, elise and allegras best clothes are pretty much all found on peak 1. They decided to give elise a generic black bikini set that looks terrible as a peak 3 end game reward. The gameplay itself is typical SSX but the problem is the tracks and replayability are HORRIBLE. Once you beat conquer the mountain there is zero incentive to go back and play as the courses themselves are extremely bland, there is zero character interaction, and the free roam mode in CTM is a complete chore. overall, this game felt like a cheap cash in off the success SSX tricky enjoyed as the character models are lazy, horrible customization, and the mountains probably took like a week to create despite EA Big claiming it was a huge endeavor.

SSX Tricky suffers from some of the issues as 3 in terms of replaybility and overall lack of content. Once you beat world tour a couple times there is pretty much no incentive to back and race computer a million times on garabaldi or mercury city meltdown (lets be real no one is racing on tokyo megaplex or alaska for fun).

the core physics for the SSX games are both good and bad. Its nice to be able to just tear through a mountain but at the same time there is zero learning curve to it which means once you get past the end game content the races themselves are just not fun.

I think these games were fun for the times but they show their age BADLY. SSX 2012 was a terrible attempt at bringing the series back. I honestly think the future of the snowboarding genre lies in games like Steep despite its rough edges at the moment.

Curious if anyone else felt the original big three SSX games were overrated in retrospect? For the record i LOVED Tricky at the time and thought it was the GOAT snowboarding game.

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2018 6:06 pm  Post subject: Re: anyone went back and play SSX3/Tricky and not like it?  
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hi filetofreshfish

I've got to say, I can go back and play SSX3 at any point and still feel that its amazing. Everything from the sound to the graphics design I just like to listen too and look at. Im in search of a PS2 at the moment so I have a machine to play it on should mine finally die.

Tricky is a great game as well, I have always found it difficult to go back to this and the first SSX did its job by helping to get the other games created.

As for new games like Steep. I really dont like what they offer and lost interest really quickly. I like the arcade feel of a game, Steep etc is more like a sim, and if youre playing a sim then just go out and do it if you can. Much in the sense of Gran Tourismo, Id much rather have a Burnout game.
SSX 2012 was a nice addition to the set so far (hopes), but it doesnt hit the heights the older games hit.

Overrated - no way :) but everyines view is different

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