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SSX Tricky Legends

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 6:48 pm
from: gondee
Article type: General
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This is just a small list of some of the best SSX Tricky competition has to offer, definetly the guys to go to for any questions regarding the game.*
* I only listed the players with the most top 3 records in the game, but dont let that fool you, people like Gondee, Laidback and Titan can still school you on the ropes of SSX Tricky so dont hesitate to ask these guys for help =)

Mr. Chaos- One of the most respected members of the community, Mr. Chaos is one of the few players who excel in every game in the series. Showoff is a specialty of his and will gladly accept any challenge. He also has proved that nothing is impossible. The fact that he has the most Master Runs recorded and posted on this site make Chaos a very valued member of the community.

PD~ - Another showoff master. This man holds some of the toughest records out there for showoff to beat. At one point he held nearly all the showoff courses' 1st place records! But most probably the main thing people think about when they hear the name PD is the Garibaldi 1st place record which has not officially been beat yet.

Alpmaster - Voted SSX best overall player in Gravitude Awards. Alpmaster just kind of popped out of nowhere and took the Scoreboard by storm. Not only is he a master of showoff, but his racing skills are unreal. One of the few who has given FBX a run for his money.

YoshiXL - That's me! I don't really have much to say about myself other than I have tried very hard and lost countless hours to get to the level I am in SSX Tricky. I do however owe credit all the masters for their wisdom as if it weren't for Master Runs or FAQ's I would have never done it. I believe my best achievments are being able to play both Showoff and Racing at a high level and hold some very impressive records for both.

Naya82- Naya82 is like one of those quiet Masters. They just sneak in here, post a new score and waits until it gets beat, then beats it again. He has helped the community with Master Runs and FAQ's. Naya was the first person to break the 3million mark (officially) on Elysium Alps and also holds an impressive list of records.

Frost- Alpmaster's partner in crime. When they say 2 heads are better than one, this is exactly what they mean. Both Frost and Alpmaster found ways to dramatically improve and shatter records that have previously never been attempted because they seemed impossible as seen with the Untracked records. Frost also achieved the previously thought impossible of beating FBX's records on a few courses most notably, Mesablanca.

FirebrandX- The one and only king of racing. Although alot of FBX's records have now falling, he still remains the best racer in everyone's eyes. Alot of us know that if he ever returned to racing he would definetly regain all his records once again. FBX will probably be remembered for having all 1st place race records at one point and also for sharing a perfect time on Garibaldi, a feat done by only himself and ssx4ever!!

ssx4ever - FBX's racing rival. ssx4ever is like FBX's shadow, the skill this guy posseses is unbelievable. Just when you think he cant be any better he proves us wrong as seen in Snowdream and Elysium Alps. A great contributor to the Master Runs and FAQ section, he is always "One Step Ahead of the Game!"

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