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Much-2-Much - 1.867 million Much-2-Much - 1.867 million

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Launch Time - 1.95 million Launch Time - 1.95 million

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Peak 2 Jam - 20.48 million Peak 2 Jam - 20.48 million

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13th Annual Gravitude Bar Awards Live!

Oct 5, 2016 Posted By gondee at 3:17 PM 269 Views // 0 Replies
Image The 13th Annual Gravitude Bar Awards are now open! Hit up the topic below to vote for your favorites in our little community, including Most Valuable Person, Best N00b, and Most Annoying! :heh

SSX now backwards compatible for X-box One

May 26, 2016 Posted By gondee at 4:50 PM 1209 Views // 0 Replies
Image SSX has been added to the list of backwards compatible games that are playable on X-box One. If you have been holding out on playing SSX (2012) this is the perfect time for it!


Speed Runners tackle SSX3's All Peak Race

May 16, 2016 Posted By gondee at 2:50 PM 1040 Views // 0 Replies
Image If you aren't familiar with speed running, it's a community dedicated to completing games using various methods as quickly as possible. A small but extremely competitive community of speed runners have been tackling the All-Peak Race in SSX for the last 6 months or so, and you'd do yourself a favor by checking out their records. This kind of competition is always amazing to watch and frequently results in great leaps in technique and jaw-dropping records. For the group of runners over at Twitch, they have created a subset of rules called "NMG" (No Major Glitches), which bans the majority of exploits that you can perform in SSX 3.

You can check out their scoreboard over at

Stream Highlight: Rithek & Master Runs Update

May 16, 2016 Posted By gondee at 1:56 PM 760 Views // 0 Replies
Image Rithek is our third streamer highlight, and you'd be amazed at what he does on his stream! Records are set on the regular and you'd do yourself a favor by tuning in. We've highlighted him on the Content Highlight on the index but you can also catch him at his channel at Twitch.

We've also updated the Master Runs, and you should check out the damn-near-perfect Much-2-Much run by Rastapo and the great Peak 2 Jam by fliper. You can check the update after the break.


Stream Highlight: xcon

Apr 19, 2016 Posted By gondee at 11:02 AM 916 Views // 0 Replies
Image For our second streamer highlight, we're turning the focus to a streamer who doesn't say much, but definitely speaks loudly through his numerous racing records in SSX Tricky! xcon is a SSX Tricky racing powerhouse. Watch xcon as he makes history on his Twitch stream and Youtube channel!

Master Runs Update 4.19.16

Apr 19, 2016 Posted By gondee at 10:47 AM 912 Views // 0 Replies
Image A short but extremely strong set of videos highlights this Master Runs update. Fliper has broken seven million on Throne Jam and Rastapo has set new records on three of the longest-held tracks in SSX 3. Props to both of them!

Master Runs

Stream Highlight: SightlessGorgon

Feb 26, 2016 Posted By gondee at 5:59 PM 1195 Views // 0 Replies
Image In a new feature, Merqury City will be occasionally highlighting great players who stream the SSX series on their channels, and point you to them to subscribe and support them in their love of SSX! Community member SightlessGorgon streams SSX Tricky and is a very good showoff player in his own right. Take a look at his channel and give the man his props for showing that SSX passion!

SightlessGorgon on Twitch