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Style Mile - 11.17 million Style Mile - 11.17 million

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Metro City Breakdown - 1:31 Metro City Breakdown - 1:31

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Throne - 7.66 million Throne - 7.66 million

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Scoreboard Update January 15, 2018

Jan 15, 2018 Posted By gondee at 7:29 PM 960 Views // 0 Replies
Image My apologies for the long delay but it appears the glitches with the scoreboard on the server have been ironed out. I have updated the scores and rankings.

Scoreboard Update & Streamer Highlight 7.11.17

Jul 11, 2017 Posted By gondee at 3:03 PM 4229 Views // 4 Replies
Image Despite numerous challenges, the scoreboard and rankings have been updated. Many new #1 scores were approved and updated! Props to xcon and his buddies over at Twitch who have really pushed each other to beat some really ancient records!

Likewise, I've changed around the streamer highlight - Daggyboi has been a long time Merq member and is quite the prolific streamer. Give him a watch as he's at it almost every day and you're likely to see a new record being set quite often!

Scoreboard Update March 8, 2017

Mar 8, 2017 Posted By gondee at 5:02 PM 6653 Views // 7 Replies
Image The scoreboard has been updated. Almost 100 scores were approved and updated! Rankings have been updated as well.

New Master Runs End of the Year Update

Dec 30, 2016 Posted By gondee at 5:55 PM 3794 Views // 0 Replies
Image The update has been long in coming, but it is amazing! Fliper, 898ppp and Rastapo have set tons of new amazing records on tracks and you can watch them all! The last few months have been so great that several of the new records have even passed old tool-assisted records that were once held up as impossible! You can see the videos in the Master Runs section and the list of updated videos after the break:

13th Annual Gravitude Bar Awards Live!

Oct 5, 2016 Posted By gondee at 3:17 PM 5132 Views // 0 Replies
Image The 13th Annual Gravitude Bar Awards are now open! Hit up the topic below to vote for your favorites in our little community, including Most Valuable Person, Best N00b, and Most Annoying! :heh

SSX now backwards compatible for X-box One

May 26, 2016 Posted By gondee at 4:50 PM 5332 Views // 0 Replies
Image SSX has been added to the list of backwards compatible games that are playable on X-box One. If you have been holding out on playing SSX (2012) this is the perfect time for it!


Speed Runners tackle SSX3's All Peak Race

May 16, 2016 Posted By gondee at 2:50 PM 4995 Views // 0 Replies
Image If you aren't familiar with speed running, it's a community dedicated to completing games using various methods as quickly as possible. A small but extremely competitive community of speed runners have been tackling the All-Peak Race in SSX for the last 6 months or so, and you'd do yourself a favor by checking out their records. This kind of competition is always amazing to watch and frequently results in great leaps in technique and jaw-dropping records. For the group of runners over at Twitch, they have created a subset of rules called "NMG" (No Major Glitches), which bans the majority of exploits that you can perform in SSX 3.

You can check out their scoreboard over at